B2B Matchmaking

B2b Matchmaking Program

The Business to Business Matchmaking program at QITCOM 2019 will bring together more than 500 major companies, government agencies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, technology providers and potential investors, and is one of the highlights of the event. The B2B Matchmaking program will be a networking platform for start-ups and established businesses to connect with local and global investors and is a fantastic opportunity to forge new business relationships, and secure investments to set up new offices, partnerships and sponsorships.

B2B Briefing Sessions - Come network with us!

Take your business to the next level
Network in small groups with the big names of the industry
Your next investors and future business partners are at QITCOM 2019!
Join us now for themed network opportunities at the B2B networking area,
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Here is the schedule for B2B Briefing Sessions

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Register on the App and connect with your future business partners, meet them in our dedicated B2B Matchmaking Areas at QNCC during QITCOM and make the deal!

You can download the B2B Matchmaking App here

Download the app and register your profile!

Decide who you want to meet from list to connect with local and international stakeholders

Online system schedules meeting and location for both parties & keeps on dashboard

Other suggestions are made for registrants using keywords in profile

Meet in dedicated b2b areas at qncc during qitcom 2019!

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